Petrol Station

STATOIL Petrol Station is situated at the Polish-Slovakian border at Chyżne-Trstená border crossing. At our station we have got 4 petrol pumps including a separate truck pump. At the station there is a Car wash and a Restaurant with a Motel open 24/7. We also offer a truck parking with parking places for 30 trucks.

We offer Statoil fuel:
  • miles 95
  • miles diesel
  • milesPLUS
  • milesPLUS 98
  • milesPLUS diesel

At our station there is also a 24-hour open shop offering food, drink and automotive products.
  • We offer very good coffee of various types, hot-dogs and tasty sandwiches.
  • We accept credit cards.
At our Statoil station we also have free parking and toilets for our customers.

Telefon: 18 267 25 34


Chyżne Statoil petrol station

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