A few words about us

We have always been a family business.

Our history

1991 - a petrol station and a fast food bar is built.

1994 - a currency exchange office is opened.

1996 - a building with car wash and car service is opened.

2004 - the facility is extended. A 120m2 shopping space is built at the petrol station along with a restaurant seating 30 people, a motel with 21 bed spaces and a truck parking with 30 parking places.

2012 - we start a cooperation with Statoil under franchise agreement.

2014 - the building previously housing car service is transformed into a self service car wash with 3 spaces.

2015 - apart from other products and services, there is also a possibility to buy vignettes at the station.

2016 - our family business continues to expand.


Where are we?

Petrol Station Chyżne-Bielański is a commercial and service facility in Chyżne which consists of a motel, restaurant, petrol station with a shop, car wash and a currency exchange office.

Chyżne is a village situated in the southern end of Orava region. It stretches along a creek of the same name. Through the village runs the European route E77 towards the Chyżne-Trstená border crossing now open after the Schengen Agreement.

Who visits us?

In the beginning, the main customers of our restaurant and guest rooms were truck drivers. Nowadays, Bielański company is equally gladly visited by tourists going on trips to Slovakia or foreigners travelling through Poland and Slovakia.

Chyżne is a starting point for walks to peatlands called 'puścizny orawskie' stretching north-east of the village. It's a trip for those not afraid of bogs. To the west, you can take a 3km walk from Chyżne to Orava lake, a reservoir near the border.

What do we offer?

Thinking of the comfort and safety of our guests, we provide a big parking with monitoring system, green space at the back of the facility which helps to calm down and relax after the hardships of travel and polite, professional staff available 24/7 at the motel, shop, petrol station and restaurant.

Our experience has taught us to take care of our customers and their needs, hence such wide range of services. We make sure that everyone leaves from here satisfied and recommends us to their friends.


Chyżne Statoil petrol station

Currency exchange Chyżne-Slovakia

Vignettes for Slovakia, Austria, Hungary


Chyżne Restaurant

Home dinners Chyżne

Cheap dinners at the Slovakian border


Cheap accommodation Chyżne

Accommodation at the Slovakian border

Motel Chyżne


Touchless car wash Chyżne

Car wash Orava

24-hour car wash Chyżne

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